Community Outreach

Motir Not Only Cares About It’s Clients, We Care Deeply About Our Community

With Motir, the future is still an ever evolving globe of successful initiatives. From our humble beginnings, Motir is taking local action, and reaching global heights.

Emmanuel Irono, Motir’s President and CEO, feels a compelling responsibility to give back to underprivileged communities, given the opportunities Motir has had to survive and thrive for over 19 years. Emmanuel has traveled all over the world and has created a company of diversity that gives back to US-based charitable organizations and feeds, educates and provides medical treatment for African children.

One example of Motir’s philanthropic activities involves the adoption of a Washington-based church. Motir supports the Carver Terrace Family Community Fellowship at 2026 Maryland Avenue, NE, providing a “Thanksgiving Celebration” for area residents and church members.

Every senior Motir executive participates in the Carver Terrace Community “Thanksgiving Celebration” by serving the “feast of our forefathers” to the community. Hundreds of residents of the community enjoy a full Thanksgiving dinner and actively participate in the “Turkey Giveaway” that is part of the overall celebration.

Motir is grateful to be able to give back with this program along with our partner, the Carver Terrace Family Community Fellowship.