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Global Development

The Motir Advantage:

  • Diversity and Experience
  • Army of Talents
  • We become your Capacity
  • We Save Money and Time
  • We are Reliable, Focused and Committed

Motir’s success in the international arena is derived from consistently providing superior value. With our years of experience in providing performance-based, value added services to the Federal and State governmental agencies within the continental United States, we offer our international clients professional services and support that help resolve their challenging issues and allow them to achieve their objectives. We achieve this by providing a dedicated team of experts as well as an experienced management team.

Our experience, based on our knowledge, professionalism and excellent reputation, makes us an ideal global business to deliver effective solutions. With six interrelated divisions, Motir is a complete resource – offering the same diversified services in other nations and territories as we provide within the United States of America. Our domestic and global services include:

  • Consulting and Project Management
  • Construction and Environmental Services
  • Facilities Operations and Management
  • Information Technology Services
  • Technical, Professional Staffing and other Support Staffing (Staff Augmentation)
  • Program Management

We bring 20+ years of progressively responsible international development experience, leading or being a key member of project design and evaluation teams and leading capacity building, infrastructure development (industrial, rural and urban), turnkey operations, renewable energy, sustainability, waste reduction programs, hazard mitigation, poverty reduction modeling, organizational development for private and public institutions, economic empowerment programming, and community-based initiatives to build social capital.

The ability to formulate a strong team of professionals with the ability to provide critical services and resources to an abundant selection of countries drastically sets us apart from our competition. There are many companies that possess international knowledge, but it is through our consortium of experienced personnel that we go beyond just knowledge and find success in understanding the needs of foreign nations. We have the technical capabilities and the intellectual know how to turn any project—whether in the United States or somewhere half way around the world—into a success.

A primary mission of Motir’s international development practice is to research, develop and disseminate innovations that enable developing nations and their citizens to be independent and productive. In pursuit of this mission, Motir designs and implements development projects in Sub-Sahara Africa. We offer management, technical, research, training, grants, and communications services. Our technical practices and areas of expertise include agriculture, infrastructure development, capacity building, private sector development, crisis prevention and recovery, democracy and governance, and health and gender.


We work with agriculture stakeholders to increase agricultural productivity and profitability, reduce or eliminate food insecurity, and provide educational services and standards to replace outdated agricultural practices and services.

Our focus within the agricultural sector is on small, medium and large enterprises that contribute to the production, processing and marketing of food and fiber. Motir concentrates on ways to improve farming production and sustainability, by teaching growing, processing and marketing skills that will generate more products and more profits, be respectful of environmental conditions and ultimately improve the quality of life for farmers and their families.

Our services aim to stimulate private enterprise growth and investment while building local technical and managerial human resources to sustain and expand productivity and profitability.


We believe that monitoring is about systematically collecting information that will help you answer questions about your project. You can use this information to report on your project and to help you evaluate its success. Motir also believes that evaluation is about using monitoring and other information you collect to make sound judgments about your project. It is also about using the information to make changes and improvements.

Our M&E practice is designed to clarify project aims, objectives and values; clarify the target group; identify outputs and outcomes; set performance indicators; and set targets.


Motir ensures effective local capacity building through our workforce development programs aimed at building local technical and managerial human resources. Our workforce development programs provide critical support to help our beneficiaries become successfully employed and move toward self-sufficiency. These programs build various workforce skills and knowledge through mentoring, apprenticeships, on-the-job and customized training, and subsidized and unsubsidized work experiences.

We build and operate educational centers as a means to develop local capacity, rehabilitate and equip existing vocational educational centers and university departments supporting agriculture, business management and engineering. In addition, we provide support and guidance in revising curricula, upgrading teachers’ training, career development and job placement.


Our democracy and governance practice focuses on providing technical leadership and strategic support in promoting sustainable democracy. We accomplish this by helping to build the legal and policy frameworks, institutions, and citizen participation that bring fairness and legitimacy into government.


Our infrastructure development practice consists of a technical and management team that possesses the professional expertise to support clients’ construction initiatives.

Because of our vast experience working with the U.S. Corps of Engineers, our team offers global perspective in construction best practices; local code compliance knowledge, practical and practicable innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions.

We support governments in developing rural infrastructures, overseeing projects, schedules and budgets while employing the local workforce as subcontractors to ensure local participation and enhance productivity and transfer knowledge and best practices to local technical and managerial human resources.


Motir’s health practice focuses on health policy and health sector reforms, quality improvement, resource utilization, facilities development, drugs and medical supplies management and regulation and legislation.

Motir provides technical assistance in conducting feasibility studies, designing and implementing health policy reforms, and devising a strategy to shift the emphasis from secondary and hospital care to primary care and public health. In addition, we help communities where malnutrition is high, water and sanitation levels are inadequate, and where there is a need for family planning and reproductive health education.