St. Elizabeth’s Dry Barn

District of Columbia

Services: General Contracting
Construction Value: $500K
Date Completed: 2008
Owner: District of Columbia

St. Elizabeths Dry Barn is the last remaining dry barn in the District of Columbia. Established by Congress in 1855, St. Elizabeths served as a hospital for Civil War soldiers and later provided mental health facilities for the Army, Navy, and District of Columbia. The West Campus of St. Elizabeths is owned by the federal government under the control of the General Services Administration (GSA). The East Campus is owned by the District of Columbia. Both campuses are located in the Anacostia community in southeast Washington. Motir Construction worked along with Bell Architects to meet the historical demands included in the Commission of Fine Arts and DCSHPO. Motir Construction completed renovation on this historic facility on a very limited budget.