Facilities Operations and Management

Facilities Operations and Management is not a sideline business for Motir; it is our specialization. Our Facilities Operations and Management Division is a complete resource. Services include comprehensive facility management and leadership of all facility operations functions in areas including:

  • Custodial/Janitorial
  • Housekeeping
  • Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Grounds and Landscaping
  • Technical Services
  • Construction Management and Building Commissioning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management

Our mission is to support the activities of our clients by accommodating our clients’ work schedules, maintaining facilities in excellent condition, and implementing programs and initiatives to ensure each facility is environmentally safe and all tasks are completed in a timely fashion. We provide high quality services by maintaining and enhancing buildings, grounds and the physical infrastructure in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Motir has extensive experience in the maintenance of various types of facilities ranging from private, public, and commercial to large Federal facilities. Our personnel are actively involved in managing and cleaning millions of square feet of space daily. We utilize this extensive experience and collective knowledge base to identify, solve and/or eliminate potential problems.


  • Green cleaning through green seal products and practices
  • Complete facility operations and maintenance
  • Custodial/janitorial and housekeeping
  • Grounds and landscaping, maintenance and installation
  • Moving, relocation and logistics management
  • Marble and terrazzo
  • Waste management
  • Recycling programs
  • Carpet maintenance
  • Pressure washing
  • Parking lot/deck maintenance
  • Waste hauling
  • Construction cleanup service
  • Porter services
  • Event staffing


  • Seamless and effective transitions
  • Active and on going attention to and management of quality
  • Web-based quality control program
  • The ability to handle workload surges quickly and appropriately
  • A complete green clean program
  • Effective matching of needs with resources
  • Initial and on going training programs
  • A collaborative approach that facilitates on going and open communication

The facets of our comprehensive cleaning operations include all of the functional demands typically found in public venues, including but not limited to commercial, industrial, institutional medical, and retail facilities.


Motir serves the needs of government and private clients by providing premier landscape installation, maintenance, horticultural and construction services. We offer a wide range of professional skills including:

  • Landscape design and documentation
  • Landscape master planning
  • Landscape assessment
  • Site rehabilitation design
  • Environmental planning
  • Landscape heritage studies and landscape planning

We provide creative solutions, innovative thinking, improved processes and long term answers to short term issues.

The Motir Portfolio includes school districts; colleges and universities; conference and convention centers; recreational venues; and federal institutions. Our staff includes in-house arborists, horticulturists, gardeners, landscape architects, landscapers, construction managers, and general excavation teams.

Motir has worked on virtually every type of project related to landscaping services and has provided technical input on Tree Care, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Planning, Landscape Development, and Landscape Maintenance for various market segment assignments. Documented knowledge in environmental requirements, ecological engineering, and tree preservation are further examples of our strengths. Significantly, Motir demonstrates its orientation to quality management in operations by working to published standards.


  • Ronald Reagan National Airport
  • Walter Washington Convention Center
  • District of Columbia City-wide Janitorial
  • District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington, DC
  • Ft. Myer and Ft McNair, Washington, DC and Virginia
  • Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization
  • Ft. Belvoir
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • USDA
  • White House


541620 Environmental Consulting Services
561210 Facilities Support Services
561320 Temporary Help Services
561720 Janitorial Services
561730 Landscaping Services