Medical, Technical & Other Support Staffing

Motir Medical Staffing Services specializes in temporary placements for multi-specialty medical staffing, offering a wide range of flexible medical staffing arrangements. Our staffing capabilities and service philosophy coupled with our dedication to quality has attracted attention from well respected healthcare facilities throughout the National Capitol Region, including the National Naval Medical Hospital at Bethesda, the DeWitt Army Community Hospital at Fort Belvoir, the Library of Congress Clinic, the Government Printing Office Clinic, and various Agencies throughout the District of Columbia Government Department of Health and Department of Human Services.

Motir offers tremendous staffing experience, full coverage in hours of operation, extensive screening procedures and cost-saving benefits for our clients. We can provide staffing support to quickly ramp up staffing requirements to ensure continuity of services in the event of an emergency, backfill situations, to cover military deployments, planned/unplanned leave and government vacancies, and staffing for days, evenings, night shifts, holidays, weekends, and overtime if needed.

Motir is well versed in the processes needed to perform work for the Government, including but not limited to security processes, immunization requirements, vehicle registration, the credentialing process which incorporate prime source verification, in-processing, hospital orientation, HIPPA regulations, education licensure, and personnel forms. We currently maintain recruiters and staffing specialists familiar with staffing at government/federal facilities, and dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of government facilities. These positions are supported by a team of experienced staffing specialists who can be mobilized to assist with filling emergent needs. We successfully handle work load surges through application of a defined process that can be carried out by a number of individuals.

In order to facilitate the delivery of safe and effective medical services, Motir has specific screening procedures for hire, evaluation and termination, including: employment eligibility requirements, license verification, education verification (including transcripts), skill level assessment, appropriate healthcare provider competency exams, applicable certifications, criminal background checks and drug screening, titers/Immunizations and physical, JCAHO and OSHA mandated health and safety training, HIPAA compliance, and additional screening per contract requirements. We specifically mandate that each healthcare worker who is eligible for hire, furnish outstanding references and be interviewed as to experience and skill level.

Motir continues to recruit qualified candidates specializing in all areas of healthcare delivery services. We actively recruit healthcare workers on an on going basis through major media publications, medical-related job events, the Internet and other targeted advertising strategies, and by word of mouth. Our ability to provide medical staff is enhanced by our creative and focused advertising campaigns. The advertisements are designed to attract healthcare providers in all specialties and can be tailored for a specific area, client or type of nursing skill or other discipline.

Motir conducts market research on an on going basis to determine attractive compensation and benefits for our healthcare providers. Our compensation plan is developed through research both from the Bureau of Labor (National and Local information) and other sources. Our retention plan is based on our ability to offer all healthcare providers the work they want at the best pay rate available based on market demands.

We provide the following services within a 24-hour response time in any specialty anywhere in the United States:

  • Physician Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Dental Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Cardiopulmonary Services
  • Diagnostic Imaging


  • Background checks
  • Drug testing & screening
  • Licensure & certification verifications
  • Competency testing
  • Physical exams, TB tests, immunizations & titers


  • Recruiting with skills and availability profiles
  • Order entry & scheduling
  • Work history by facility / departments / dates & shifts
  • Tracking all personnel assigned to your account
  • Billing history available to client
  • Custom printed invoices with time card images included


  • Year-round availability of staff & administrative support
  • Sponsorship of continuing education programs for our professional employees
  • Continuous quality improvement programs from recruiting to delivery of services
  • Comprehensive risk management & liability insurances
  • Healthcare professional executive management
  • Financial resources to back up our commitments & operations


621340 Offices of Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapist
621111 Physician Offices (excluding Mental Health)
621399 Nurse Licensed Practical or Registered, Offices
621511 Medical Laboratories
621999 Ambulatory Healthcare Services
621493 Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency
622110 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
621210 Offices of Dentist