Environmental Services

Environmental Services

MOTIR Environmental works with its clients to develop strategies that integrate regulatory, technical, fiscal, project delivery, and risk management expertise with their organizational focus. By working with our customers and using the right resources, we are able to provide focused, streamlined, and cost effective solutions for our remediation projects.

MOTIR helps to resolve demanding environmental issues by combining resources to help our clients with their challenges through effective and timely solutions. we can manage environmental, health and safety needs to minimize compliance risks for our clients, while allowing them to focus on generating revenue. MOTIR’s environmental personnel are seasoned, industry experienced experts who understand that the focus has to be on each client’s unique, project specific needs.

Whether you require risk assessments, asbestos & lead management worker protection, vacant building renovations or indoor quality assessments, MOTIR can offer you the solution. from small to large scale projects we have the expertise and intellectual know how to help make a project successful from start to finish. We offer our international clients professional services and support that help resolve their challenging issues and allow them to achieve their objectives. we have the ability to formulate strong teams of professionals who can provide critical services and resources to an abundant selection of countries around the world.


  • Site Assessments and Remediation
  • Petroleum Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Indoor Air Quality & Mold Consulting
  • Brownfield and Site Redevelopment
  • Wetlands & Biological Services
  • Asbestos & Lead Management
  • Clean-up Monitoring


  • Broad Scope
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Specialized Services


  • 541620            Environmental Consulting Services
  • 562910            Remediation Services