Ft. Myer Stables, B. 236

Ft. Myer Renovation of Historical Stable Building 236

US Army Corps of Engineers

Services: General Contracting
Construction Value: $5.1M
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

MOTIR Construction was awarded a contract to renovate and modernize building 236 on the Ft. Myer army base. The structure was erected in 1896 to house The Old Guards Caisson unit (TOG). The Old Guard is tasked with providing the equestrian needs of the Military District of Washington, DC, including serving Arlington National Cemetery, state funeral parades and hosting other formal government events. The MOTIR Construction design team worked closely with the USACE to fulfill the operational requirement of TOG while following the strictest of guidelines within the Commission of Fine Arts, VASHPO and the Ft. Myer installation guidelines for construction. This process included research of the building back to 1896. Through dated photography and original plans, MOTIR Construction presented a plan that fulfilled all of these obligations and brought the multi-use building to current building and life safety codes.