Testimonials – Motir Services



I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the outstanding job performed by the MOTIR staff during our recent relocation in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Due to the nature of our operation, we were unable to suspend operations during the period of relocation and required continuous access to both locations. Because of the dedicated service provided by your staff, we were able to maintain continuous service during our normal operating hours . . . Our mission would not have been successful without the outstanding teamwork displayed by your staff. Their dedication to completing the mission within a short deadline is to be commended. They displayed exemplary customer service skills by adapting to last minute changes with ease. Despite the high amount of foot traffic that operated out of the new office space, MOTIR was able to maintain a safe environment while ensuring the mission was completed within our specified time frame. Thanks again to your staff for assisting us in a successful relocation to our new work area.

– Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration, Washington, DC


This is just a quick note to thank you for everything you did to help our Administration become operational over the last few months, and especially in the days surrounding the Inauguration. I appreciate the commitment and dedication you and your fellow staffers demonstrated to the American people and the White House. Over long days and tireless hours, you put the needs of our Nation ahead of your own. Please accept my thanks for your dedicated service to the American people and our Federal Government.

– General Services, Administration, The White House

The staff of Motir Services, Inc. was professional, courteous and proficient in their work while performing their duties at DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. I’m looking forward to working with Motir in the future. Good workers, very knowledgeable and productive.

– Office of the Director, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Government of the District of Columbia

Motir Services, Inc. has rendered Facilities Operations and Management Services to the Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA). MOTIR has always been efficient, shown professionalism, and has proved time and time again that they are well qualified to perform the types of services requested . . . the management team ensured that the employees were qualified to perform the work in the time frame requested. As a COTR for MOTIR, I have never received any complaints in regards to the Moving and Logistics Team. The team has performed at an outstanding level at all times.

– Office of the Deputy Director for Operations, Department of Health, Government of the District of Columbia


This move required the relocation of 21 STD Administrative staff members . . . Motir Services, Inc. provided HAHSTA with outstanding and professional logistical support services during this relocation project . . . when unforeseen events arose, additional support and resources were required with little to no notice . . the MOTIR PM team’s ability to quickly direct and redirect resources as needed not only satisfied the requirement deadlines, it also relieved HAHSTA of a lot of the anxiety and stress associated with these unexpected and urgent requests. Regardless of how great or small the requirement, the MOTIR PM team was professional, accommodating and responsive in meeting each task and exceeding expectations. Not only were the Project Managers proficient in managing, coordinating and scheduling resources, they also selected an exceptional team of laborers/movers who performed the moves . . . They were punctual, uniformed in appearance and ready for work . . . the foreman at the site was proficient in managing his staff . . . his ability to manage his team independently was commendable because it allowed the HAHSTA PMs to focus on other critical concerns regarding the overall project, and his work ethic provided the PMs with confidence that the tasks delegated to him would be performed correctly and thoroughly. The team of movers assigned worked exceptionally well, focused on assigned tasks, were accountable, eager to respond, and they possessed a “Can Do” attitude to achieve HAHSTA’s final satisfaction . . . This STD Relocation project was HAHSTA’s first opportunity to work with this particular vendor . . . HAHSTA looks forward to working with MOTIR in the future. MOTIR’s outstanding level of support and service puts them “Head and Shoulders” above the rest.

– Office of the Program Analyst for HAHSTA Operations, Department of Health HIV/AIDS Hepatitis, STD, TB Administration (HAHSTA), Government of the District of Columbia



MOTIR’s nurses have contributed significantly and made a positive impact to our Kimborough family. Their active participation in staff meetings provides valuable input to improve our nursing process. Our physicians verbalize their appreciation daily for the hard work and dedication of these nurses to our clinic and our Military Family. They have set a great example and empowered all nurses both civilian and military. Our customer service in the pediatric clinic has been above the level of expectation due to the excellence in delivery of quality healthcare provided by these nurses and without their dedication and motivation to duty, our clinic customer relations would not be above the standard as it is now. On behalf of the Nursing Leadership and the Physicians in White Team Clinic, I want to extend our warm thanks to the MOTIR staff for their professional competence and devotion to duty that has contributed tremendously to the successful accomplishment of Kimborough and the USAMEDDAC’s mission.

– Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical Department, Department of the Army


We extend our thanks to Motir Services, Inc. for providing such caring and competent contract providers to Kimborough Ambulatory Care Center.

– COR, Kimborough Ambulatory Care Center


Motir Services, Inc. has provided outstanding temporary nursing services for the Government Printing Office since January 1, 2004.

– Contracting Officer, United States Government Printing Office


Motir Services, Inc. has provided government contracted RN services to our Mother Baby Unit since 15 August 2005. They have been doing an outstanding job filling the requirements and providing quality service.

– COR, DeWitt Army Community Hospital, Department of the Army

Motir Services, Inc. provided MRDDA with Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses under outsourced contracts for nursing services to the MRDDA consumers. The nurses MOTIR provided were competent and professional. The interactions with MOTIR’s administrative staff were those of efficiency, responsiveness, and integrity in all dealings with MRDDA.

– Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Administration, Department of Human Services, Government of the District of Columbia


Motir Services, Inc. has provided excellent temporary nursing services for the Department of Health, HIV/AIDS Agency, Tuberculosis Control Program.

– Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program, Department of Human Services, Government of the District of Columbia


I want to take this opportunity to commend Motir Services, Inc. for their work during the Veteran’s Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Although Security was very strict, and this caused much confusion and added stress to everyone’s work day, the custodial contractor met every requirement in an outstanding fashion. Literally thousands of people attended this event, and each of them found every facility to be clean and operational. MOTIR responded to every situation quickly and immediately remedied the problem.

– Office of the Historian, Arlington National Cemetery, Department of the Army