Motir Team – Motir Services

Motir Team

Emmanuel Irono

President & CEO

Elizabeth Rapp

Executive Assistant
to the President

Theresa Rhine-Thomas

Business Development Director

Jennifer Jones

Capture Manager

Zahid Barbar

Director, Construction & Engineering

Pretty Moii

Medical Staffing

Gay Nelsen

Business Development

Yardia Lawrence

& Medical Staffing

Teshome Kintamo


Silvana Donet

Medical Staffing Coordinator

Aleasha Arthur

Business Development

Tarry Chhak

Information Technology

Marvin Brown

Director, Food Services

Heyjin Kang

Graphic Design

Jessica Verba

Proposal Writer

Ron Price

Facilities Operations & Management

Teshome Gezmu

Staff Accountant

Austin Reynaud

Project Manager

Ji Li


Michael Brown


About Motir Services

Today, MOTIR is a recognized leader in contract support services. In addition to over twenty-five (25) years of solid experience, Motir is recognized for its ability to manage complex operations while providing superior strategic and technical support through an extensive technical competency. A commitment to customer satisfaction and the ability to support the mission and culture of its clients has launched MOTIR as a leading provider of support services in the federal, state, and municipal government settings. We help our clients achieve superior business results through strategic and large-scale project management.

Our business model is designed for maximum flexibility and built to respond to each client’s unique and changing needs. Our all-inclusive solutions focus on the design and implementation of teams, systems, and work processes. We also concentrate on business process reengineering, the implementation of new staffing plans and performance management tools, including human resource policies, practices, and procedures.