Ft. Belvoir Barracks

Ft. Belvoir Barracks Renovation Buildings 2102 & 2104

US Army Corps of Engineers

Services: Construction Services
Construction Value: $7.2M
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

The MOTIR/Ranger team is upgrading buildings 2102 & 2104, which includes the conversion of 120 rooms within living quarters, from a two-person to one-person quarter. The buildings include laundry rooms and a dayroom that will also undergo renovations. Major work activities include upgrading HVAC systems, interior utilities, bathrooms, interior painting, new vinyl tiles, drainage, automatic sliding doors at entrances to the dayrooms, fresh air entrances to the day rooms, fresh air intake, windows, walls, floor, ceiling, site and roof drainages, courtyard, vestibule, crawl space, attic space, staircase and hallways, etc. Additionally, work on the first floor of buildings 2102 shall be ADA-compliant and provide handicap access from the parking lot slated for the Warriors in Transition Program.